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Thumbs Down For Red Mango / Nestle Toll House Cafe Hewlett, New York — 6 Comments

  1. Wow, I hate buusiness establishments like that! What an unprofessional thing to say to a customer. I would have not accepted it myself if they look mushed and messy. Some businesses just don’t care. When a company takes care of their own people, it shows how employees treat their customers. Glad to read this and I hope it spreads out more so other people will be warned.

  2. ArrrrgggH!!! I would’ve call their manager right away…that’s not a good customer service at all and knowing that you asked for a box, I’m pretty sure they will never run out of boxes in that store. Those employee were just lazy to actually get one for you. Well, remember they’ll be one day that KARMA will heat them and it’ll be nasty too.

  3. I can relate to this incident of yours, that I actually talked to the manager like a training ground for him. I know about food business, staff training and every angle of its concept. You are on the right track to refund when you feel unsatisfied with food or service.

  4. It’s so sad sis that you’ve to be the receiving end of such unprofessional treatment. I cannot fathom why such a well-known establishment will employ people who don’t care to uplift the image of the brand they represent. Maybe they’re frustrated but that’s not an excuse to lash it out on the customers who actually keep the business alive.

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