Traveling And Music

My husband and I although we’ve traveled extensively over the almost 16 years that we’ve been married, I must admit that we really haven’t explored much of the United States. We’ve been to almost all the continents and I know that there’s so much more to explore.

One place in the US that would be interesting to visit is Texas. We have a few friends living there but we haven’t mapped out a plan to head down there. Recently, I saw my musically inclined family friend posted on her social media account about their recent visit to a guitar center dallas. The birthday of one of her children is coming up soon so the visit was necessary as she promised her child a brand new guitar. I can imagine the kid’s excitement. I know that it’s been a long overdue promise. Nurturing the kid’s interest in music is a great idea, and making her child’s dream come true is priceless.

I wish I can say the same but we’re a childless couple. Music runs in our veins as we both love music. But for now, we’re content just listening to our fave music and hopefully continue to travel so that one day soon we’ll find ourselves finally ticking off Texas from our travel list.

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