Pen Fixation

Aside from his addiction with sports cards, my husband also has penchant for pens. For a household of two without any student living with us, it may be crazy to say that we have loads and loads of pens in our supplies inventory.

Right after we got married, that’s when I noticed that he hoards pens. In fact, our pen drawer that holds pens exclusively, looks like it’s a part of a Pen Factory. I wonder what happens if he gets wind of an online portal that sells all kinds of pens. From stylus pens, soft grip, metal, retractable to stick pens among others, you name it they have it in different ball points.

As it is, I’m sure we will never run out of pen in our lifetime even if he does not buy any more pen from hereon. The only question is – will these pens keep for that long and is it guaranteed that the ink will still be good? That remains to be seen. But as far as my experience is concerned, every pen that I pull out from our inventory (and I seriously apply the first in first out scheme), have been all good. So, it may very well be.

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