Sorely Missed

The service in church has never been the same. The uplifting mode at a mass primarily comes from the angelic voice of a cantor as well as the pianist. Not to forget of course, the gospel.

A few weeks ago, the cantor and the pianist at the anticipated Mass we attend to every Saturday suddenly went missing. There were no official announcement as to why whatsoever. If I’m not mistaken, this past Saturday was the fourth.

It’s a wonder among the parishioners. The presence of a musician playing any kind of instrument such as a guitar, violin or trombone perhaps will surely make a big difference. The mass has been as short as can be. Instead of the hour long service, now it takes only 35 minutes because there’s been no music.

This situation is certainly one of those situations where music is definitely playing a big role. Without it, something is lacking no matter how meaningful the gospel is. After all, when you’re singing in church, it is as good as you’re also praying. I’m patiently waiting for the return of that angelic voice of the cantor.

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