When The Musicians Are Missing

My husband and I are regulars at the anticipated Sunday service every Saturday afternoon at our local church. After attending service at several churches over the last few years, we finally settled and decided this is the church for us. Plus of course, the church on Long Island which I hold dear because many important and significant milestones were celebrated there.

Several factors makes a parishioner stick to one church and we are no exception to that. While the Pastor is important, I have to say that music plays a big factor too. The Cantor in our church is pretty good as well as the pianist, violinist and the guitarist. The nice music that they provide during service makes for an uplifting experience all the time. However, there have been instances when all of them are unavailable that I have always wondered if the songs can be pre-recorded. I’m sure that there are available systems from http://www.guitarcenter.com/Recording-Pro-Audio.gc that can facilitate an almost live performance in their absence.

Last Saturday’s mass was one of those days. All the musicians were missing. As a result, the service was shortened and everything was over in a span of 35 minutes. It was by far the shortest service at this church for as long as I can remember. During times like this, I feel that I didn’t get my usual dose of ‘holy’. Or maybe it’s just me.

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