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We were invited and went to a backyard barbecue this past 4th of July and we had a blast. It’s been a long time since we went to one and it felt good to finally indulge in real charcoal grilled feast.

The whole gang was present and along with the sumptuous meal there was also an overflow of drinks from alcoholic to non alcoholic which was really good because the children and gals like me who preferred non alcoholic drinks was also catered to.

I’m sure this is not the only invite for this year’s barbecue season. Something hit me with regards to hostess gift. For this invite we brought a bouquet of peonies and a cake. I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate that time but looking back, I don’t know if the flowers was a good choice because it made the hostess scramble for a vase which was kind of a distraction since she was busy entertaining guests. As far as the cake was concerned, I think it was fine because other guests also brought desserts and it made way for more dessert option.

Having that realization, for the next invitation provided we get the invite early enough, a couple of custom beer glasses by Glass with a Twist will be a better choice for hostess gift. I think it’s unique and utilitarian.

Hangover Helper Pilsner Glass

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