A Breather

It’s been a relatively stress-free and easy day for me today. I haven’t had too many days like this one lately so I’m just happy that I finally have it.

I have piles and piles of magazine subscription that I haven’t laid my eyes upon. There are books on the bookshelves that have been waiting for me just the same. Sometimes when I look at them I can’t believe that I allowed these things to pile up on me.

But today, I’m determined to just spend this day doing tasks that I consider to be ‘no-brainer’.   And that includes browsing the net till my eyes can’t take it any longer. In fact, I have already chanced upon this website that’s load full of cute and utilitarian stuff for kids.

I better get off from here and enjoy what’s left of this day. Not too long from now, I will have to attend to the kitchen and see what I can whip up for dinner.

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