Celebrating Love And Life

February is a very important month in our family as well as many family friends. So many of us (yes, including husband and yours truly) were born in the month of love. You can imagine the big expense that’s associated with February, but I’m not complaining.

Unfortunately, I was remiss in preparing for the birthdays this year. A couple of those in my birthday gifts list will have to wait for the delayed birthday present. They are both musically inclined and I practically had to squeeze my brain cells so I can come up with viable ideas for their gifts.

There could have never been a much better resource than musician’s friend . It’s a one stop shop for music buffs just like our two gift recipients.

Next year, I promise not to go this route again . It is a challenge in itself to pick and choose an appropriate gift, and when procrastination takes over, it makes everything a lot more stressful.

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