Erratic Temps

Living in an area of the United States where the four season exists has its pros and cons. But I won’t even try to go there – you know, discuss each of the pros and the cons.

With the weather changing and once again we’re bracing for the colder months, it’s now become kind of tricky dressing up. The temperature swings can be erratic. While the weather channels can dish out the latest conditions outside, it is not that accurate as there are environmental factors that are inherent to ones area (in our case, we live near the beach so the temps seem to be always lower). I never thought of getting an outdoor thermometer to install right by our balcony, but my sister’s visit yesterday made me realize that I should really get one. She actually suggested it, so there is no second guessing what’s the real temperature outside when we head out. Her idea was borne out of her outdoor thermometer in her own garden to take care of her plants properly, but she thinks this is a good option for our purpose.

During this time of the year, more than ever, many people are prone to colds and flu. As we all know, any sickness may warrant a visit to a physician (good if one has a comprehensive health insurance like that of the coverage from burlington). More often than not, these conditions are contracted from not dressing up properly. My husband is the only one that heads out everyday even on weekends. He wants to get some fresh air, so even a short walk right to the parking lot to check on Sexie can get him sick if he’s not dressed properly.

Prevention is better than cure. So if only for that, I should really get an outdoor thermometer.

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