Collector’s Dilemma

If you are living with an avid collector, storage is always an issue. Admittedly, I’m living with one in the person of my husband. Collecting mint and graded sports cards as well as coins, sports commemorative plates as well as comic books are his thing.

There was a point when he was also into music CD’s and vinyls but he has outgrown his love for them. Not that he has outgrown his love for music. But just the same, if my estimate is right we may have more than a thousand pieces between the two. I can just imagine that if he is so into music, he may also get one of those krk rokit 5 g3. I heard that this gadget produces excellent sound.

At this point, even if storage is a continuous issue, I can’t really stop him from this hobby. In the same token that he can’t stop me from buying those precious and girly stuff that I love to collect. The only difference between his collection from mine is I get to enjoy and use what I collect because his collection are more valuable when they’re in mint condition so he’s just content looking at them.

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