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Craving For Hearty Soup — 4 Comments

  1. Yumm.. those food are very filling. Binusog ka talaga ni F sa Valentine’s date
    nyo na yan ha?! Oh so sweet, nag-off para lang i-date ka! Sigh.. (may inggit factor baga!) haha..

    See ya again here. Ingat!

  2. @ Tita Beng
    Glad to see you around Tita B. Does that mean, you’re here to stay na? Date daw o? I wished! 🙂

  3. I just made chicken macaroni soup this morning as soon as I was out of bed. I was craving for it for a few days and finally I found myself giving in to my cravings, hahaha!

    Walang panama yong soup ko dito sa mga kinain nyo Te J! Now I want chicken soup tuloy. Waaaahhh!
    Lainy´s last post… Cravings Finally Satisfied

  4. @ Lainy
    Waaaahhhhh. That’s something new. Macaroni soup for breakfast! I should try that sometime 🙂

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