Looking Back

I grew up in a musically inclined family where playing music and reading musical notes was the norm. My dad was a real big music enthusiast. During his heydays, I remember him wanting to upgrade our stereo system whenever a new brand and model came out in the market.

Fast forward to today, if he was still with us, I’m sure he’d go for the latest stereo system right here and right now. While he may have been shocked to see all the newfangled things and gadgets that sprout in the market every so often, I’m sure he would have been thrilled to try and experiment.

It’s so nice to remember all those good old days when our family was still complete. Our home was always filled with music and laughter. But such is life, the children leave home and we all go on to lead our own lives. I’m sure whenever we, the children get together once again, the air will be filled with the same music and harmony just like the ones we grew up listening to. The only question now is – when?

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