Brunch For Two

Lately, we have been a constant fixture at the Parkview Diner. You can say that we’ve become regulars in this resto, and if you ever try dining out here, you will understand why.

We headed there for brunch on Father’s Day. It was crowded but we were ushered in quicker than expected. It’s because we were only a party of two and squeezing us in was not much of a big issue.

As a general rule, when we dine out, my husband and I go for dishes that I normally don’t make at home. Particularly at this brunch, I just closed my eyes and watch him devour the strips of bacon and sausage (two things that have been forbidden in my kitchen for almost 3 years already). Boy, did he have a fun time devouring them.
parkview diner

My vegetable omelet with a side of hash brown was good enough for me.
parkview diner
The pancakes though totally unnecessary was consumed by us half and half.
parkview diner

parkview diner

parkview diner

With unlimited serving of coffee and tea, we were ‘belly-full’. This is not exactly the kind of breakfast that I prefer but a little deviation from the norm is good once in a while.


Brunch For Two — 2 Comments

  1. sarap nman ng brunch na yaan, J! kaya lang, for more than 21 years na di ako nakatikim ng bacon, forget ko na yata how it tastes! Haha.. wawa nman pala si F! pati sya deprived ng bacon for almost 3 years. i can only imagine the happiness after that brunch! i like that veggie omelet of yours. ano kayang included veggie nyan. patikim nga! Lol!

    hope all is well with you! take care always! God bless!
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  2. Sa totoo lang Tita B, I don’t miss any meat product. Naalala ko lang sila and feeling ko miss ko sila when I see them, but my stomach does not agree with them anymore. I had a very unpleasant experience when we were invited to a party last year. I didn’t want to be an outcast so I tasted a bit of everything. I paid the price! MUla noon, I don’t dare eat any meat dish na.

    Tumpak ka! F was very delighted after the meal. Sabi niya: “bacon, sausage till we meet again perhaps, in 3 years” bwahaha.

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