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Sancho’s Restaurant — 2 Comments

  1. Oh! Em! Gee!!!! How can you devour all of that, te J? San nyo nilalagay??? LOL! Andami!!! Grabeh! Isang plato nga lang, I am struggling to finish it off. Kakainggit! I am curious about virgin pina colada. Ano kayang lasa non?

    I can only take time to visit your blogs here at work, Te J. Di nako nakakapag blog lately. Saklap! 🙁
    Lainy´s last post… Sydney Harbour, Australia

  2. @ Lainy

    Good news! At least during this dinner, we had company. There’s no way we could have put away all that food hahaha.

    Virgin piña colada is like the regular piña colada without any alcohol.

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