Organic Greek Yogurt

I finally found a Greek yogurt that’s organic. I used to buy Fage Greek yogurt and have been secretly hoping that I chance upon the organic variety that’s just plain Greek yogurt. And I finally have it close by – Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt.

My persistence in requesting the Manager of the health food store that I go to really paid off. This is actually a repetition of the same story when I went on a crusade and requested that he stocked up on Apricot Kernels. Persistence indeed pays off. He would have never thought there’s a market of Apricot Kernels if not for my request. Now, every once in a while it goes out of stock and I was told that he can’t keep up with the demand.

One thing’s for sure though. No matter what type of yogurt it is (except the frozen, flavored variety which is more of an indulgence), I still don’t love and like the taste of yogurt. I eat it because I’m aware of the benefits. But when I have it, I can’t tolerate eating it by itself. I always make sure I have papaya slices, blueberries or peaches with it whichever fruit is available in my kitchen.






Organic Greek Yogurt — 2 Comments

  1. I hate yogurt!!! I tried it once coz SJ brings it to work for tea breaks but I can’t seem to force myself to like it. Buti naman may organic version pala nyan, Te J. Is there a difference in the taste?
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  2. @ Lainy
    I hate it too but I force myself to eat because of the benefits. I can’t eat it alone, it has to be in a smoothie, or eaten with fruit, my most favorite combination – yogurt + papaya slices= yum! You should try it. I only go for plain variety, or plain Greek yogurt because I can’t tolerate the overwhelmingly sweet taste of those that are flavored.

    There’s no difference in taste pag organic. Ganun pa din (sigh)

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