Sometimes I Crave

For days I’ve been craving for the dish that you’re going to see on this post. No, it just didn’t come by, it was brought about by a blog post of a fellow blogger and it made me drool to the max. It made me missed this dish all the more, so I knew I had to finally do something about it.

I went ahead and looked for the ingredients for dinengdeng. To the many Pinoys that drop by this blog, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the famous Ilocano vegetable dish.

I was not successful in securing all the ingredients but this was good enough to satisfy my cravings. With ampalaya, malungggay leaves and oyster mushrooms, I was set to go. I topped it with grilled branzino.
ilocano dinengdeng

ilocano dinengdeng

I also sauteed bokchoy in garlic and a bit of hoisin sauce.

sauteed bokchoy

A good serving of brown rice rounded up this meal 🙂


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  1. those are good and healthy foods, which everyone would truly going to missed luck you, you still did find the way to get some of the ingredients to be able to have that dish cook.

  2. My favorite dinengdeng! Since I’ve been back here in the Philippines, I already cooked different kinds of dinengdeng and I taught my hubby to eat it. Now I’m craving for some good American foods. Hope to be back there in the US in the near future and go to our favorite restaurants there. Nakakatawa ano? Nong nasa US ako, miss ko ang Pinoy foods. Ngayon naman na andito ako, miss ko naman American foods.
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  3. My first time to hear and saw this dinengdeng..maybe because im from bacolod. Hehe. At first akala ko tinolang manok. Hahaha. Yun pala fish na may sabaw at ampalaya. Healthy food for sure! Would try it one of this day.

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