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  1. oh, I love this so much, we have this in our backyard back home in Philippines, and I always am excited to pick a ripe fruit from the tree.

    here in san diego, it is a little bit cheaper, at $5.99/pound, though I still consider it a lot more expensive compared to native produce here, but like you, I still buy it, I simply love devouring that because it reminds me of home and brings me home happiness. 🙂

    Glad to know your hubby loves ampalaya now, haha, it’s my favorite vegetables.
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  2. Juliana, with that price you bought for this guyabano, you can buy around 10 pieces of that here in Pinas. We have one at the back of our house but I also buy it in the market when ours is not yet ripe. This is good in fighting cancer.
    Lisa´s last post… Laoac, My Hometown

  3. @ Betchai
    Grabe ang mahal noh? I’m craving for one again. It’s also great for smoothie.

    Husband now eats like a goat, pati malunggay type niya din

    @ Mng Lisa
    Waaaa… Bring me home sa house niyo. The price is really steep, but walang choice Manang. Ipikit na lang ang mata hihi.

  4. I guess,i’m a cheapskate once in a while but I don’t like to spend that kind of money over that guyabano price. I would wait ’till I go home in Philippines and eat it 😉
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  5. I just noticed your fruit tray, so elegant looking, so love it, plus of course, the guyabano. I know, it is pricey, but worth every bite, di ba? i don’t buy often though, haha, since it’s price is one my one week supply already of blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, pears, pineapple, and apples, haha! as in mahal sya talaga. but when the craving for guyabano knocks, i would look for that in asian supermarket here.
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  6. Guyabano became so popular here in Pinas because its a cancer fighting food, not only the fruits but the leaves too. The leaves can be made into a tea and can cure a lot of sickness. An acquaintance of mine came to our house and asked for the leaves of our guyabano tree and took it home to the US.
    Lisa´s last post… Laoac, My Hometown

  7. OMG! In the Philippines you can get it for free! LOL! Or maybe not now a days because they developed that guyabano healing capsule (something like the famous ampalaya one for diabetes). My mom said it is true! She feels good taking guyabano juice everyday. Well, I am not sure if I would buy it for $20. LOL!

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