Hubby And ‘The Boss’

My husband is a fan of “the Boss” otherwise known as Bruce Springsteen. With 20 Grammy awards under his belt, he is no less one of the most influential artist of our time.

Being the fan that he is, he has been to countless concerts and performances of the boss. Thus, as soon as we were married I slowly but surely started to admire his kind of music and his riveting performances.

Having said that however, I’ve seen him perform just once so far at the Yankee Stadium in early Fall of 2003 if I’m not mistaken. That was some experience for me, watching him and the band with all their equipments and musical instruments. For once, I wondered if they also had one of those gibraltar drum at Guitar Center.

Lately, my husband has not been that much into the music scene however. He’s so immersed with work and music has taken a back seat. The only thing that he does regularly on his spare time on weekends is he goes on you Tube to watch the Boss’s music videos.


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