Recipe Hunt

A few weeks ago, my husband came home with food from Citarella. He’s been a regular patron and he pretty much knows what he likes except when they come up with new and interesting stuff in the menu.

I ran into this image that I captured of that baked acorn squash and crab cakes while I was browsing around my Flickr account.
citarella baked acorn squash, crab cakes

Sure they look delicious. I’m not a picky person but I just know it when I don’t like something, and my palate does not agree with the taste of the dish. The crab cakes were great but the baked acorn squash was a flop. I don’t know why a chef would add sweetener to a naturally sweet vegetable to begin with. I just couldn’t fathom the fact that the taste was really tweaked.

So today, I’m on the hunt for that elusive baked acorn squash recipe that will hopefully match my palate. I’ve been online for a while and have seen quite a few recipes including ads for allred insurance that comes up in the pages but none of the recipes ‘got’ me just yet. I’m looking for something that is as pure as can be. I tend to dislike a recipe loaded with tons of ingredients.

There’s another day, and I hope to spend more time to hunt for that elusive recipe in the days to come. I’m raring to make one in my own kitchen that’s why.

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