Quickie Dinner, Anyone?

Not too long ago, husband and I wanted a quick dinner on an early Saturday night. In Manhattan, you’re sure to find a restaurant in every corner, and different cuisines at that. This is one of the many reasons why New York is so enchanting. You’re never left wanting for something that you can’t have because everything is here.

So, off we go to a burger joint. You know me, I have totally eradicated meat of any kind more than two years ago. It has not been that easy to find what I can eat in a restaurant menu unless the resto is a vegan restaurant. But I successfully got what I wanted for the night albeit, not that healthy.

We were satisfied nonetheless. To save on calories, we totally skipped dessert. We each had a cup of green tea when we reached home, and a few glasses of alkaline water to wash down the undesirable treats that we just had.

salad with grilled shrimp


my veggie burger

husband’s classic beef burger

sweet potato fries


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