Plaka Taverna

We’ve dined in this restaurant quite a few times over the years. This is about the only Greek resto nearby for sometime but with the emergence of newer restos around the neighborhood, we’ve seen a few newer Greek restaurants.

Plaka Taverna Restaurant has been serving the neighborhood of Bay Ridge for years. I’d say that they serve homestyle Greek dishes. The restaurant is quite small, in fact, they only have a few tables, at most 10.

Our most recent dinner was not that pleasant. The food remained good, I have to say, just the way I remembered it over the years of dining there. However, they need to upgrade their flatware and china. I get turned off if I’m served with food in plates that are chipped and flatware that have seen better days. I’m very particular with this, even at home, how much more if I’m seated at a restaurant and I’m paying for the food and service?

plaka restaurant

plaka restaurant

plaka restaurant

plaka restaurant

Needless to say, going back to dine is not in the horizon. I think it’s time to try out the newer Greek restaurants around the area.

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