Thanksgiving Dinner… Just Us

You’re about to see the weirdest Thanksgiving dinner known to men. Blame it on a weird couple who opted to celebrate the way they want to… just them.

There could have been no better choice than Parkview Diner. Most restaurants were expected to be closed for the holiday. As usual, the food and service was great, just like what we’re used to whenever we dine there.

thanksgiving dinner

thanksgiving dinner

thanksgiving dinner

thanksgiving dinner

Yes, I warned you… pancakes for dinner, anyone? Weird isn’t it? (I stopped making pancakes at home, so it was a treat). These were eggless pancakes, by the way.

thanksgiving dinner

The best part of the dinner to me was these:

thanksgiving dinner

thanksgiving dinner

thanksgiving dinner


Thanksgiving Dinner… Just Us — 5 Comments

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  2. BOo! Hehehe…happy Hallow? Naku Tuks your TD dinner is what we call ‘breakfast for dinner’ around here. We’ve had that many times…although not for TD so I’ll give you the credit for that….hehehe…Actually it’s been a while since we had breakfast for dinner so baka I might make it one of these days….Christmas dinner, maybe? Pag sinita ako…ituturo kita….hahahaha…sabihin ko turo mo….

    Aga ko noh? I’ve been restless kaya medyo maaga akong naglalakwatsa today.

    Enjoy the rest of the week dyan sa frozen tundra….pero sabi medyo iinit daw ng Friday dyan? True?
    Tuks´s last post… Already?

  3. @ Tuks

    Aba at nandamay pa haha. If you intend to do breakfast for dinner this Christmas eve, hindi ako kasali nun. Joking aside, try mo kaya bwahahaha.

    Why restless? Pag ako restless, itinutulog ko. How in the world can one sleep pag restless? That’s just me.

    The frozen tundra is thawing. Yes, feeling summer kami these past 2 days (in the high 50’s say mo?) including today. It’s not going to last long though.

  4. Kakaiba nga ang Thanksgiving dinner na yan a. Pero kahit naman ano ang ihanda sa Thanksgiving ang importante, we have a thankful heart to God for the all things that He has done for us.

    Okay lang din mag-cheat sa sweet foods, basta paminsan-minsan lang. Ako nga nagsawa na sa kada-diet kaya lumobo ako. Balak kong ibalik ang diet ko. Ang daling lumobo pero ang hirap magpapayat ulit.
    Lisa´s last post… Dressing Up For Church

  5. @ Mng. Lisa

    Strange ang choice but he loved it and that’s all that matters. Type mo din ba pancakes for dinner Manang? (Lol)

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