Max’s Restaurant

We drove many miles to dine here, got into a lot of road congestion but it was all worth it. Okay, I have to admit though that there’s nothing better than the original back home. There’s just that little something that’s missing which is not that easy to pinpoint. But overall the Max’s in Jersey City, New Jersey is good.

Service was great. Or maybe because we had dinner a bit earlier than usual. However, even at that time, the resto was almost full. We were seated on the first floor (it has a 2nd level).  Our server was very helpful and friendly.



calamansi juice

max’s teasers (lumpia and calamares)

I have to admit, that my first bite of chicken (after 21 months of not eating chicken ) was divine. I’m not back to eating any meat though, I made this an exception. It would have been pointless for me to dine at this resto and not have their specialty.

half a chicken

This platterful of crabmeat fried rice was easily for four  very hungry tummies. We couldn’t put it away so we brought home leftovers.


This was certainly not our last time to dine in this resto. Making it a yearly treat for us is not that bad.


Max’s Restaurant — 5 Comments

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  2. @ Tita Beng

    halika Tita B go tayo sa Max’s. Nakaka-miss din talaga ang lasa.

    oks lang po. rest ka lang and take care always.

  3. SIssss! Sumilip lang saglit, hihihi! Nakakatakam at nakakamiss naman yan. Sana may Max’s din dito 🙁

  4. @ Lainy

    Gumala ka huh? Wala pala dyan sa Sydney? Sooner than later I’m sure someone will franchise one. Hintayin mo lang -:)

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