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  1. @ Lainy

    quick and easy sis. I bought a packaged wheat pancake and just followed the directions on the package but tweaked it a bit (gamay ko na kasi ang brand so I know how kung ano dapat i-adjust sa measurement ng ingredients. I just added the fruits na lang.

  2. @ Lainy

    No that’s very easy Sis. Buy ka lang ng packaged mix then work around the instructions sa package. I get the same brand all the time, syempre yung gustong gusto mo din. Trial and error. In due time you’ll master it and the pancakes come out great every time.

    Busy day today, we’re having company for dinner. Slave ako sa kitchen ulit haha.

    Sending you my warm hugs back. 🙂

  3. @ Tita Beng

    Halika brekky tayo. Loves namin pancakes but we only have them once every 3 months siguro. Not the healthiest but ano ba naman ang mag indulge once in a blue moon di ba? I used fresh fruits all the time. Haven’t tried dried or canned. Mas sweet lang siguro kasi madalas they sweeten them if packaged/ dried.

    Balik sipag ka din for sure when you’ll feel much better na.


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