Jeepney GastroPub

We finally made it! After we were originally turned away a few weekends ago, this time we secured our table via a reservation placed two days before. More than me, it is really my husband’s wish for us to dine at Jeepney (a Filipino GastroPub that opened last October at the East Village in Manhattan). My husband is such a sucker for Pinoy restos because he simply loves the food and he is daring enough to try everything.

jeepney gastropub

I must say that the food is decent, in fact it’s good. But the service sucks. We had to wait for 30 minutes for the first dish to be served (we were there at 5:15 p.m.). Granting, we had the appetizers, it was okay to serve them (together) first, but they were served separately, in not so reasonable time interval. In fact, all of the dishes we ordered came in trickles, one by one.

The Manila Clams came first, followed by Balut (my husband’s) after a long while. Then the drinks came. I can’t even remember the ‘fancy’ name of the drinks anymore. It was nothing great. Then our waiter served the Pancit Malabok (no, not a typo) Negra which was delicious. When the Adobong Hipon was served, garlic rice followed shortly. It was then that I also expected the Gulay na galing sa Palengke (sauteed market vegetables) to be served on our table. But no, it didn’t come at all. After a long while, my husband finally had to ask for it and it was then that we found out that our waiter missed and forgot to place the order (note that when he was taking our order, he didn’t write it at all). He offered to have it made for us shortly, but we declined. Knowing how long it was for us to wait for everything, we didn’t want to wait much longer. We originally intended to have dessert at Pan de Sal but because we spent so much time dining at Jeepney, we settled to have Halo-Halo right there.

More than the slow service and the food coming in trickles, my husband and I both agreed that we are not going back to this restaurant. The food is decent, as I mentioned, but the space is just too cramped. Our table was just like the size of a table for two in a coffee shop where you are expected to have coffee and pastries, not a full dinner (in fact, we wondered how all the food we ordered would have been accommodated on our table if they served the food just like we expect in a normal resto). On top of that, you can never have a decent conversation because the tables are spaced too close to each other, and you can hear clearly what the diners on the next table are talking about. Worse, the table next to us was a party of five, and they were just excessively loud. Take out food is the best way to go. That is, if, we even dare to try take-out. We may be made to wait for an hour. Would you like that?

jeepney gastropub
jeepney gastropub
manila clams (manila clams, lemongrass, shallots, garlic, sili San Miguel beer with toast points)
jeepney gastropub
pancit malabok negra (palabok rice noodles, squid ink & shrimp romesco, calamari, oysters, shrimp, scallops, baby octupos, tinapa, smoked tofu, hard boiled egg & chicharon
jeepney gastropub
mixed pancit malabok negra
jeepney gastropub
garlic rice
jeepney gastropub
adobong hipon
jeepney gastropub

jeepney gastropub
halo-halo (we ordered it not knowing that they will serve it on the house to make up for the missing vegetable order).


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  2. Naku, ka-turn-off nga naman ang service sa Jeepney! Kung ako, won’t go back there as well. Pero, Impressed ako kay F ha?! He gets to like Pinoy food na rin at of all food, gusto din ang Balut! naiiba si F talaga! ..haha!

    I was thinking baka may speech defect yung owner nung Jeepney. Kasi, “Malabok” instead of Palabok. hehe..

    Okay, time to discover another great eating place in NYC. Then don’t forget to blog about it. See yah again, J! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Sa sobrang liit siguro ng table, di pwedeng pag sabay sabayin yung orders nyo. There…the mystery is solved. Haha. I’ve heard of dishes na ginagamitan ng tinta ng puist at sabi nga masarap daw…hirap lang ngumiti pagkatapos kumain…hehe. Also, they need to be careful sa pagamit ng salitang ‘negra’…lam mo naman dito sensitibo ang mga tao…baka masabihan sila [ng mga pusit?] ng racial slur….hala!

    Sikat nga yang Jeepney na yan kasi I saw it featured in some TV shows. Mukhang magkakatotoo yung sabi ni Andrew Zimmerman na yung pagkain natin ang susunod na sisikat…let’s wait and see.

    Happy saberdey Tuks!
    Tuks´s last post… Question…

  4. @ Tita Beng

    talo ako ni F Tita B. Kasi ako I don’t eat balut, siya type niya talaga. MAtutuwa ka sa kaniya kasi loves niya ang Pinoy food. whenever andyan kami sa Pinas, many friends and relatives love to feed him kasi walang inaatrasan na pagkain natin.

    bwahahaha sa speech defect, katuwa ka talaga.

  5. @ Tuks

    tumfak ka Tuks. as a matter of fact, ang bilis nga talagang i-solve ang mystery bwahaha. sayang lang kasi good food. pagkatapos kumain ng may tinta huwag lang kalimutan uminom ng tubig para walang trace ng tinta ang choppers hahaha. unapologetic nga ang nag-name ng dish na yan. but so far ang mga pusit naman eh mukhang walang reklamo, otherwise malaking usapin yan at baka maglaho si pancit malabok hahaha.

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