Love Crunch

When I want to add some ‘spice’ to my usual bland cereals, this is my go-to granola.

love crunch

love crunch

I have to admit that this is addicting. It’s great to snack on. It’s a better alternative to eating chips. The taste of dark chocolate and berries is very profound which makes it so palatable to people who have sweet-tooth.

Available at health food stores and select supermarkets.


Love Crunch — 4 Comments

  1. Wow naman! Mukhang masarap nga eto at healthy pa. I want to do away with eating chips frequently. It’s just so unhealthy. I wonder kung available din kaya yan dito. Mahanap nga. Hehehe!
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  2. @ Lainy

    Yehey! That’s great! Let me know if you like it. Lamun talaga huh? Kaaliw ka Sis.

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