Worth Going Back To

Since this diner opened a few years ago, we’ve been regular patrons. Each time we dine out, we get the same great service and consistent delicious food. Add to that the fact that we don’t need to drive far. Yes, there are tons of diners in every locale, but not a lot of them serve great food and many of them continue to use ‘retirable’ and decrepit silverware and china (this is a pet peeve of yours truly). Trust me, we’ve been to many of them and we pretty much weeded out most of them and never returned to dine again.

matzo ball soup


seafood salad

soup and salad’s perfect partner

my vegetable panini ( I only ate half of it)

husband’s veggie burger aptly called parkview burger

freshly squeezed lemonade


Worth Going Back To — 3 Comments

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  2. GEEZ! Biglang tumulo ang laway ko, Sis! Hahaha! Ang sarap sarap naman lahat nyan. Lalo na yong soup. Yong seafood salad nakakatakam. Ginutom ako!

    Ang sarap-sarap kumain. Sana lang walang weight gain pagkatapos ng lamon ano? Hihihi!
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  3. @ Lainy

    Hay sinabi mo pa Sis. Ang sarap kumain, but ang kapit ng taba ay sobrang mahigpit hahaha. I like your term – lamon (LOL).

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