Randazzo’s Clam Bar and Restaurant

We finally found our way into Randazzo’s Clam Bar and Restaurant last Saturday after so many years. As expected, we had to drive around for parking first and we actually almost gave up and we were about to drive away when a spot opened up. What can you expect on Saturdays in the Sheepshead Bay area? Crowded!!!

We had to wait to be seated too. It was bearable however, because we were a party of two only. The longer wait was for bigger parties. We intended to have a very light dinner, it was early for us. And it was good for a change!

Randazzo’s is the pride of Sheepshead Bay and patrons love their food, but the biggest turn-off is the large turn-out of people on weekends and that explains why we don’t frequent the place as much as we would want to. Regardless, we were glad to have a taste of the food in this landmark dating back to 1916.

Combo of scungilli, mussels, clams, shrimp and calamari in medium sauce
randazzo's clam bar

I had a craving for the typical Filipino spaghetti, but I settled for this Italian dish.
randazzo's clam bar

Pasta in olive oil and garlic (yes, tons of garlic)
randazzo's clam bar

Pasta’s perfect partners.
randazzo's clam bar


Randazzo’s Clam Bar and Restaurant — 5 Comments

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  2. Good food again! The pasta in olive oil and garlic is enticing! The food looks really delish. I’m sure it is, dahil kung hindi, di ganun kadami ang patrons nila. If naging 4 pala like us, gutom na di pa nakakaupo. But i guess, worth it ang mag-hintay.

    Paki-take out na lang yung order ko, J! hihi..
    Tita Beng´s last post… Sweet Surprise

  3. @ Tita Beng

    sure, i-te-take out kita ng type mo na dish 🙂 . the crowd is especially crazy on weekends. lalo na these days because the weather has been great.

  4. Naman Sis! Kaka-crave ko palang ng spaghetti, good thing it was already satisfied but seeing these glorious foodies made me want to eat for more. Hahahaha! Parang ang sosyal-sosyal ng kainan na yan Sis. Sure it was all worth the wait.

    Love and hugs!
    Lainy´s last post… Plumbing Experts

  5. @ Lainy

    That day we went to this resto, it was my pinoy spaghetti craving that brought us there. Yun nga lang, hindi ko nakuha ang gimp lang Pinoy kasi Italian na Italian ang templates. No, sis this place is not sosyal pang cowboy hehe. They are just noted for great food.

    Salamat sa dalaw :-). .

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