Perfect Combination

Every once in a while, I crave for caviar. More often than not the red variety is my choice. However, when I want to really indulge, I go for the black variety (any kind for as long as it’s ‘pocket friendly’).

A few days ago, I found myself at the nearby gourmet store and came home with a pound of Alaskan salmon roe. It was enough to satisfy my cravings and ate it with gusto with rice crackers for a few days. My husband can take it or leave it and in this case he passed on it. Of course, I consumed it to the last morsel.


rice crackers


Perfect Combination — 2 Comments

  1. @ Tita Beng

    Appetizer at snack na yan for me. Once I have caviar at home it’s eaten and gone quick haha. Ako lang kumakain kasi. Yung aking partner in crime hindi fan haha.

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