Bunny Haven

On Palm Sunday, we went to Riesterer’s and I was just ecstatic to be in a happy place.

How do you like having a 2 feet Easter bunny (clad in milk chocolate) in your home next Easter? For $250, you can bring it home and be ready to greet smiling faces of your children and the child-at-heart alike.

easter bunny

I was in bunny haven, and I couldn’t stop snapping pics. Yours truly being a permanent fixture in the bakeshop, nobody tried to stop me from taking photos. Easter bunny, Easter eggs, Easter cross. Whatever you fancy, they were just there in one roof. And they were all clad in chocolate.

easter bunny

easter bunny

easter bunny

easter bunny

easter cross

Recalling how the bakeshop looked that day, I can’t wait for next Easter to come.


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  1. @ Rose

    you’re indeed right Rose. if I had one in my house, maybe I’ll just look at it (lol).

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