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  1. I am actually searching for healthy sugar substitute. Yung mga brands na available dito is said to contain a not so good chemical. We buy honey from grocery store but I’m intrigued by the label stamped with an expiration date. Di ba honey isn’t supposed to expire? >.< Truly difficult to be a health care giver to a diabetic patient. Pati yung hindi diabetic nadadamay sa no sugar diet. 🙂

    Sana meron din dito nyang So Delicious creamer na yan. Now you gave an idea na i-try ko one time yung freshly squeezed coconut cream. Masarap din kaya? Pero for sure, one time lang talaga yun. Hirap naman every time magko-coffee eh need to look for coconut to squeez!. aguy!

    Hope you have a warm and sunny weekend, J! Ingat!

  2. @ Tita Beng

    Maybe Stevia is also available there. The usual sugar subs that we’re used to eh not that healthy nga daw with aspartame as it’s basic ingredient. Yes, honey is not supposed to have an expiration date. Try raw or manuka honey. Yung sa akin walang expiry date. Sinabi mo pa at damay-damay yan. pati nga si F damay sa food choices ko kahit minsan eh nagrereklamo na haha.

    Try mo nga to process fresh coconut at baka nga mas masarap pa. Kaya lang I smell hard labor hahaha.

    Sana nga sunny and warm kami this weekend.

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