Just One Of Those Nights

I had a craving for Japanese food, so off we went. It’s been a long time since the last, and we ordered more than we can ‘put away.’ Nevertheless, no food was wasted. We wound up having another dinner the following night.

Is there any chance two people can consume these dishes in one sitting?

hana japanese resto

hana japanese resto

hana japanese resto

hana japanese resto

hana japanese resto

hana japanese resto


Just One Of Those Nights — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, andaming Japanese food! Nag-isip ako.. is there any chance na maubos lahat yan ng 2 tao? Siguro pag kasama mo ako. hahaha.. pero hindi ah! yung last photo na sushi pa lang, andami na eh.. dun palang busog na talaga. well, at least you still had a second round of dinner. Sarap kasi talaga orderin lahat pag nag-crave eh, ‘noh? Dito din, tagal na mini-mention ang japanese food pero di pa rin nangyayari. Hopefully soon, after seeing these jap foods you had. Lol!

    Dropping by galing sa isang bahay mo! Have a bright sunny day J!
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  2. Waaaaa! Just by looking at these jap foodies simply made me drool, Sis. I used to hate this cuisine but I learned to love it only last year kaya puede nakong sumabak sa mga ganitong kainan. Hahahaha! Pag kasama ako, kukulangin pa yang mga yan sakin. Hahahaha!

  3. @ lainy
    Japanese food I assume is an acquired taste. It’s not like one of those love at first bite kind of thing. Halika dito, jamming tayo over jap food. That will be fun huwag lang sumakit ang tiyan haha.

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