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La Salsa Cantina (Las Vegas) — 4 Comments

  1. Ay naman at naglaway ako. I hopped here directly from Ate Beng’s blog na fud din ang nasa top entry so ngayon ginugutom yung mga ahas sa tyan ko just because of the foods I saw here and there [and everywhere…haha].

    O dito naman ako napadpad [at sa kabila din]. As usual alang magawa…waiting on my laundry na nasa dryer ngayon….

    Enjoy your Thursday Tuks kahit asa bahay ka lang…..

    Tuks´s last post… Mid-Week

  2. @ Tita B
    those are enchiladas with chicken wings I think. truth is, mura na siya considering that the resto is right on the strip 🙂 .

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