Move Over Nutella

I was a Nutella fan. I can still remember those days when I used to hoard them from whenever I went to Hong Kong to bring home to the Philippines (when I was still living there) as it was not yet available on the local market at that time. I so loved it that it became a mainstay in my pantry.


Well, those were the days. Nutella is now history, as I found a better alternative. With this though, I also had to say goodbye to my fave Nutella Crepe. But it’s okay.

Almost a year ago, I discovered Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.

justin's choco hazelnut

justin's choco hazelnut

I must admit however, that it is not as creamy as Nutella. But it is NOT also anywhere close to the overwhelmingly sweet taste of Nutella. Nutella’s sugar content is 21 g  as compared to Justin’s 7 g.

justin's choco hazelnut

I’ve changed for the better when it comes to my consumption of anything decadent and sweet. Justin’s is a staple in my pantry but it definitely is not a part of my daily diet. I think there comes a stage in one’s life when you need to make a decision and opt for what’s better for you.


Move Over Nutella — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t buy Nutella, although it is available here in the local market. Mahal kasi. Good thing, I have a sweet SIL who sends us goodies from the states. Taas pala ng sugar content nun? FAvorite pa naman nung mga big kiddos yang Nutella. Sarap naman kasi e.

    You’re very careful na talaga sa Nutritional values ha?! Good for you, girl.

    Stay fit and healthy as you are. Ingat!

  2. @ noel

    good to know that you found another option.I used to be a big fan of Nutella years ago, but having been more concerned with my sugar intake nowadays, I had to look for an alternative. There’s another brand that I’m currently testing so I have more options. Once an addict, I know I will always be kaya kailangan maging resourceful. 🙂

    thanks for dropping by Noel.

  3. @ Tita Beng

    oo nga mahal nga siya diyan kahit puro sugar ang laman hahaha. grabe at na-addict ako dati niyan. one year na akong walang Nutella in my system hahaha.

    careful nga ako Tita B, pero nag-chi-cheat pa din ako. can you blame me???? ang hirap but I really try so hard.

    let’s stay fit and healthy. 🙂

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