Healthy Pair

I have never been a yogurt lover until I discovered this healthy combination:

Fage (fah-yeh) Yogurt

organic papaya
Organic Papaya

fage & papaya

There’s something about yogurt’s taste that does not agree with my palate but with this combination, I have been enjoying my fave yogurt brand (Fage Total 0) for almost a year already. In the past I only ate yogurt once in a blue moon. Opting for those flavored yogurt was never an option for me because I also did not care for the overwhelmingly sweet combination for those variants with fruits already added in the container.

Every morning (brunch, I mean),  I have half of the container of Fage with my breakfast with  organic papaya slices added. Yogurt finally tastes great ( as far as I’m concerned) with this combination. Plus it’s healthy too. Try it.


Healthy Pair — 2 Comments

  1. J, I’m also not a yogurt lover even though I know it’s good for the health but I love papaya, esp. pag ganyan ka- fresh! I’ve heard pa nga that yogurt treats infection on that woman’s body part eh. Parang ang sarap naman nitong nasa post mo. Ma-try ko nga later. Yung lang nga, I don’t think I could find that brand here.

    Musta na ang weather nyo dyan. I’ve heard about that very scary Sandy hurricane. I hope it won’t turn out to be as destructive as mentioned. Stay safe and secured. Will pray along with you that no harm will occur. Ingat much!
    Tita Beng´s last post… Busy

  2. @ Tita Beng

    try mo Tita B. the pair tastes great and I promise, magugustuhan mo ulit ang yogurt. kahit hindi same brand na basta 0 fat yogurt ok na din yun.

    Sandy is indeed scary. thanks for including us in your prayers. ingat din po.

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