I can’t think of a better title for this blog post, so there you go.

One of the desserts served during the Labor Day weekend celebration with family was this:





And I don’t need to say what kind it is. Just read (lol).

Simply decadent – from my latest dessert source in Long Island.


Yum! — 4 Comments

  1. Hello J! I don’t have sweet tooth but this cake truly makes me drool! Now you make me crave for one. Lol!

    I hope you have fine sunny day now in the Big Apple! Take care always!
    Tita Beng´s last post… Relaxing Sunday

  2. @ Tita B
    sweet tooth ako although tempered na kasi kailangan eh. here’s a slice for you (sliver lang ha) hehehe.

  3. @ Tuks
    yum and droooollll…. hahaha or drool and yum….

    oks lang Tuks. medyo busy-busyhan which is good para walang time na mag-isip ng kung anik-anik. 🙂

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