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Rosa’s Pizzeria — 7 Comments

  1. Basta ang usapan e Italy, kasama sigurado ang pizzas dun! Sarap nung pizza ni F! hehe.. but I’m sure mas masarap ang travel nyo sa Italy! Did you try boarding a gondola? Yun ang tunay na travel experience!!

    Have a wonderful weekend J!

  2. Nooooo! Now I’m craving for high calorie, rich in Carbs, tasty, juicy, and oily pizza! Have.. to.. control.. my.. self.. Okay I’m fine! Nice realistic and mouth watering photos you have here!

  3. That chicken marsala looks yum yum! I’m not a big pizza person though. Isa lang naman ang mahilig sa pizza dito…the bata!

    M on the other hand likes cold pizza so left over is very much welcome around here….

    Heniwey…here to wish you a good weekend tuks!
    Tuks´s last post… It’s Beginning to Feel…

  4. @ Tita B
    sarap talaga ang pizza nila, walang katapat. oo naman Tita B. Kahit feeling ko rip-off yung fee we had to take that gondola ride. we had fun. sana maulit muli.

  5. @ Tuks
    basta hanggang thin crust din lang ako. the bata knows what she loves for sure, at unstoppable yan. Cold pizza???? kakaiba ang taste ni M.

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