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  1. Ay naku Tuks…I wish we have such a resto here. Ala talaga…can’t even find fresh seafoods na pwedeng iluto. The seafood store where we used to get blue crabs na buhay pa eh nag stop magbenta ng blue crabs. Oh well…

    I’m back from the dr’s office kasi 7:25 ang appt namin and we were in and out of there in 30 min….straight to the lab for some blood work. Now the waiting game begins….fun fun fun….I have a follow-up in 3 weeks…just to find out if I’m hitting that milestone nating mga babae….hot flashes here I come…or should hot flashes be telling me that? LOL….again…fun fun fun….

    Goodluck din sa iyong appt sa Hueves….

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  2. @ Tuks
    bakit????? magtayo ka na lang kaya hahaha.

    ang aga ng appointment mo, hindi ko kaya yan. ang waiting yun ang killer. hope for the best na lang tayo. strangely enough, wala pa akong ma-feel na hot flashes.ikaw ba meron na? as if inaabangan noh?


  3. Ewan ko kung bakit walang ganyang restos dito. We have the usual Red Lobster, etc…their food and our tummies…magka-away….hahaha….so we don’t go there anymore. I wish makapagtayo ako ng resto noh?

    We always try to get the earliest possible…the earlier the better. Alam mo na…may praybet drayber has to go to werk pa din after the appts. Pag middle of the day kasi ang daming nasasayang na oras….and the waiting is torture. Kung ikaw unang pasyente…alang waiting, di ba?

    Hot flashes….wala pa naman. I stopped getting my monthly visitor for 2 months now…kala ko merong ‘banana bread’ baking in the oven…eh wala naman so I decided to go to the dr na lang just to be sure. Normal daw sa mga “18” yrs old [x2 + N] na katulad natin na mag start ng mag miss…but to be sure….blood test ang katapat.


  4. @ Tuks
    hala at ako din and red lobster plus me and F equals dedma. bakit kaya? hindi ko matumbok kung ano meron sa food nila.

    yung Onco ko kahit ikaw ang mauna waiting pa din. ang laki ng practice. suko na ako, I’ve already tried every strategy. go ng very early, go on time, ganun pa din. maximum of 5 hours ako nakatengga dun.the good thing though is parang one stop shop kasi mammogram, sonogram, consult with Onco under one roof kaya ok na din.the longest wait is to see the Dr. for the actual physical and the results of both tests are already on his table.

    bakeettt???? nainggit naman ako, sana ako din stop na ang monthly visitor. tuloy tuloy pa din ako, kakainis. but kung may banana bread yun ang i-we-welcome ko with open arms and legs hehe.

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