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  1. Correct J! You wouldn’t know if okay unless you try. I used to be a super health freak too. Buying various natural food supplements one after the other braving the icky tastes! Lol. Not sure if they did me good, but I like to think they did. Somehow. Lol!

    Stay happy and healthy! Be well always!
    Tita Beng´s last post… We love Shakey’s Pizza

  2. @ Tita Beng
    magastos nga lang hahaha. I still don’t know too if it’s helping me. or baka imagination lang natin hahaha.

  3. @ Rose

    it’s suppose to cleanse the body and helps in fighting free radicals as well as it promotes energy, healthy aging and cardiovascular function. I may not be able to feel the difference yet, as I’ve been taking it for only two months. I’ll update you when I feel some changes…hopefully. 🙂

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