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  1. Hi J! Hmm.. I’m a pro VCO! Alam mo ba na yang VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) ang regular natural supplement ni hubby? He forces me to take it the way he does but I just couldn’t. Di ko kaya inumin ang oil as pure as it is. Yuck! He gulps about 4-5 spoonfuls of it every 4 hours, (I think). I’ve heard so much about the VCO’s health advantage and I’d like to believe that what it claims are true. Kaya I just incorporate it with other food na lng whenever possible. Good effect naman kasi so far. Anti-cancer pa nga din daw yan e. Kaya lang, di ko talaga kaya inumin ng pure, I throw-up every time.

    Ay, haba ng daldal ko! Basta! Para sa ‘kin, okay lang ang VCO for you. Have a restful Sunday!
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  2. @ Tita B
    good to hear from someone who has been using VCO for a long time. nakaka-confuse kasi. knowing that your hubs takes it even more often than I do, I guess it should not hurt. I never tried gulping a spoonful straight though. yung akin kasi laging solid state dahil malamig dito. this summer lang siya na-liquify pero nung Spring solid na solid. when I use it dun lang naging liquid. the taste is quite good in smoothies though.

    hurray talaga pag anti cancer pati. I think I should take it in moderation na lang aksi may hypertension ako. thanks for the valuable input Tita B.

  3. Hi Tuks! Naku wala akong alam about Coconut Oil…sowee. Before our diet kuno, matigas ulo ko so I was using regular cooking oil. Now, we only use EVOO – extra virgin olive oil. I also have sesame oil [for some asian dishes that won’t taste the same without it] and peanut oil but I rarely use it.

    Ano ba sabi ng book at bakit daw iwasan ang VCO? Bilib naman ako kay Kuya Tom ni Ate Beng…tinutungga ang VCO? Hi Ate Beng!! Hehe…but I also know some people dati who would do that….but not necessarily VCO…for health reasons. Now you & Ate Beng got me curious kung ano ba yang coconut oil. Oh, M doesn’t like anything coconut din so if I ever use that..para sa akin lang…toink!

    About our plants, perennial sila so they ‘resurrect’after winter. At saka alam mo naman dito sa amin…di ganong malamig so some of those plants eh will probably be standing kahit winter na…basta wag lang mag below freezing here masyado.

    E is doing better…I hope. Para syang walang sakit actually kasi dakdak pa din ng dakdak…non-stop.

    O siya…sensya na at wala akong input….hehe…
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  4. @ Tuks
    thanks just the same. 🙂

    coconut oil daw eh loaded with saturated fats kaya dapat iwasan. ako ay hindi ko kayang tunggahin.besides tutunawin ko muna bago matungga haha.

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