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  1. Hello J! Japanese food! Yum! Like F, I used not to like Japanese too. But since I always see hubby here enjoying his sushis and sashimis and the likes, I came to like it too with gusto! NOw, you make me crave for it. Lol!
    I hope I can visit the nearest Japanese Resto soon for some salmon sushis and kani sashimi. Mmm..

    Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of the week! Ingat!
    Tita Beng´s last post… Hello September!

  2. @ Tita B
    acquired taste daw ang Jap food Tita B. I don’t know for sure kasi ako, as soon as the food first landed on my mouth, I fell in love with it. love,love, love talaga. ingat ka din and sana masaya ang new week mo.

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