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World’s Best Awards — 4 Comments

  1. Galing-galing naman! I am proud to be Pinoy too, Sis! Gusto ko ring pumunta ng Boracay para naman di hanggang inggit mode nalang ako pag nakakakita ng pics ng lugar, hehehe!

    Galing naman ng Shangri-La. Very well deserved recognition!

  2. @ Lainy
    well deserved accolade indeed for the properties that are in the list especially the ones from home. oh di ba, there’s something to be proud about?

    I was in Boracay in 1996 when it was still being developed. we stayed at Club Panoly (the only resort hotel that was available then). ang mahal pa nun ang lahat as compared to the prices now kasi malaki na ang competition from the different properties and ang choices where to stay andun na rin pati budget accommodation. mas mura na rin ang plane fare. I wish to go back too para makita ko na rin ang developed Boracay.

  3. You must be proud of your country!! Would love to visit Phillippines one of these days, it is not so far from Malaysia.

  4. @ Rose
    I am indeed Rose. that would be great if you can visit one of these days. experiencing the genuine Filipino hospitality is such a treat. aside from your country not far from ours, I’m sure there are some similarities too as far as warmth and hospitality of both races are concerned.

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