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  2. Yum! Yum! Drooling! Drooling!

    Mukha pa lang ang sasarap na. Ma browse nga online where puwedeng makabili. Para naman di ako ma ignorante. Hehe.

  3. @ Lynn
    sa dami ng na-try ko na, they’re the best cupcakes in my books talaga. just glad lang that I no longer have to oblige my friend from Beverly Hills to send them to me hehe.

  4. @ kanana banana

    whether beneficial or not, I eat them because I want them and I consider them a treat for myself, no questions asked.

    my diet is not something that I would want to discuss in detail on my blog and if I will ever do it, I will probably share that post in a password protected blog, for my friends and family to see only.

    if you want to know the calorie content just check it out for yourself on their online portal if you are that interested.

  5. I checked their website and I was surprised na affordable naman pala ang cupcakes nila. I actually voted Charlotte for their next location. Buti yun, malapit lang here. Wheee!!!

  6. @ Lynn
    yes, they are affordable if you take into consideration their price by piece (see pic of receipt), but to me, they aren’t cheap (at $3.50 per piece) if you compare them to the cost of a regular cupcake. I can get a comparable (in taste and quality) cupcake at a nearby cupcake shop at $2.50 per piece, and we buy from them regularly. Pang monthly lang ang Sprinkles kasi my husband also wants to accumulate points at the nearby cupcake shop in exchange for free cupcakes.

    I can imagine (I haven’t tried) how cheaper it must be for cupcakes that are sold in a chain supermarket. At Costco, 20 pieces of cupcakes comes out to .79 cents per piece but I find them to be too sweet for my taste so hindi na rin kami bumibili dun.

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