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A Few Days For A Breather — 6 Comments

  1. There’s no place like home ika nga Sis!

    The foods are looking so delish! Scott and I went to Greenbelt too when he was here. Nakakapagod lang maglakad ng matagal. Di kaya ng legs ko, hehe!

  2. @ Lainy
    very well so. kahit saan mapadpad iba pa rin ang Pinas.

    kaya every food I ingested when we were there I made sure na wala dito. just looking at the pic, miss ko na ang Pinoy food. The area really changed. almost 3 years ago ang huling uwi ko and ang daming nabago. nakakapagod maglakad but you won’t see anything pag tamad ka hahaha. katapat lang nun massage at the end of the day (lol).

  3. @ Rose
    it was great to be home but I wished it was for a happy occasion. hoping that the next trek will be more fun.

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