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  1. Only in NAIA indeed! I’ve had a lot of terrible and really horrible experiences in there myself, worst was when i was traveling without the husband and with my less than 2-year-old daughter in tow. You can just imagine, Sis! Really, I hope that the NAIA management will and can realize their misfits. Grabe, we cannot appreciate the airport of our very own country kasi sobrang ang dami naman kasing kapalpakan eh.
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  2. @ Recel
    I’m sure we’re not the only Pinoys hoping for some changes. It’s amazing that no one is initiating some changes as the airport is the first thing that any foreign national gets to see. The sorry state of the airport is not good for tourism. Sayang lang dahil the country is loaded with places that can rival the countries in the Caribbean.

  3. Whoa! Didn’t know this things ha. Well, maybe because I haven’t gone back home pa naman. I just hope we won’t experience the same thing pag-uwi namin soon. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  4. @ Lynn
    the chaos at immigration is always a constant but the intensity varies though. our last return was the worse ever. yung nangingikil, depende siguro kung kanino ka matapat. I’ve traveled tons of times and although bihira ang deretsong manghingi madalas ay nagpaparamdam.

  5. Hi Juliana… I haven’t been dropping EC for quite a while. I just read about your Mom. My condolences to you and your family. I hope all is well now. God bless!

  6. @ Ally
    thank you so much. each day is a struggle for now but I’m hoping that it gets better.

  7. It’s not surprising to hear all those complaints againts NAIA and all our airports all through out the country for that matter! Very disorderly and full of hasslers kasi talaga! From the top authorities down to the porters. It has been brought up in all kinds of media, openly condemed pero ganun pa rin ang takbo ng ating airport! Super daming kapalpakan! Kaya super nakakahiya talaga sa mga turista!
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  8. Hi J! It’s not surprising to hear all those complaints against NAIA and all our airports for that matter. Those are just few of the countless defects often complained of. It has always been criticized in the media pero wala lang! Wala talaga pagbabago! Nakakahiya!

    Sana lang, kahit papano, na-enjoy nyo pa rin ang Pinas during your very short stay here!
    Tita Beng´s last post… One Gorgeous Summer Almost Wasted in Phi Phi Beach Resort

  9. @ Tita B
    buti nga sa akin ginawa at hindi sa turista. grabeng garapal talaga. but in spite of some unpleasant occurrences we had fun kahit papano 🙂 .

  10. Andami ko palang namiss na articles dito Sis.

    Onli in da Pilipins lang lahat yan. What’s striking is the Filipino attitude at its worse. Baket pag nasa sariling bansa natin tayo we can’t behave well?

    As to the NAIA complaints, di lang naman sa ahensyang yan maraming reklamo. Lahat ng ahensya ng gobyerno, pareho lang ang mga hinaing. Walang pinagbago. Kaya walang pagunlad ang bansa natin. Nakakadismaya!

  11. @ Lainy
    dami na ba yan Sis? ang hirap ngang magsulat but kailangan pigain ang sarili para maaliw.

    ganyan yata talaga at akala ng mga ibang pinoy they are “kings” in their own country pwede silang mag behave ng wala sa lugar. kaya nga madami sa atin mareklamo but hindi natin alam that change has to begin from each of us. having been able to visit other countries though, kahit naman sa ibang airports may mga palpak din but nothing compares to ours.

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