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The Long And Short Of It — 5 Comments

  1. You look gorgeous in the hair cut by JM. I can’t see the other one that good. Don’t give up. You could check out a neighbor State and see how it goes. Let it grow longer and get trims and see how you like them. Just my opinion. Of course I do like long hair. I think it is a man thing.

  2. Ah! Kaya naman pala Sis. Ang galing naman pala ny stylist mo sa Manila. Mahirap nga talagang maghanap ng mapagkakatiwalaan when it comes to our hair.

    Thanks for sharing lovely photos of you 🙂 Bagay ka rin pala sa maiksing buhok.

  3. @ Tita B
    hala, (blushing here). mamaya maniwala ako hahaha. anyway, thanks po sa compliment.

    @ Russ
    thanks so much for the compliment and the encouragement. I may need to move to another State to try and find one (LOL) or move up to the $500/haircut league here in NY and go where the movie stars get their haircuts.

    @ Lainy
    what a stu*** dilemma, right? ang vain! hahaha. I appreciate the compliment as always,Sis.

    @ Rose
    I figured, I must not be the only one. hope we’ll find that elusive HS someday.

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