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  1. Nom!!!

    I thought you’re gonna talk about cover girl because of the title…easy breezy. 🙂 Anyway sis, ask lang ako. Are u into make-up? If so, what can you recommend for the eyes (eyeshadow and eyeliner)? I have no idea about those things kasi I don’t wear make-up at all. Hanggang lipstick and lip gloss lang ako.

  2. Hala….cholesterol, stroke, atake sa puso, high blood….need I list more? hahahaha…..but the food looks really yummy!!! Yun na lang cheese na nasa potatoes ba yun?…

    Hopped here na din while I’m in the ‘neighborhood’….toink!
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  3. @ Lynn
    ok na rin i-promote ang Cover Girl haha. alam mo na, anything owned and made by Procter & Gamble oks lang na free ang “air time” dito. ex P&G ‘er ito.

    oh sure, I don’t know if you’ve noticed I normally refer to myself as vain and have been posting through the years my skin care and cosmetics buys. skin care and cosmetics junkie ako among others (lol). there’s a lot of good brands out there and it is largely dependent on your price point ( high end department store brands or drugstore brands) and how well it works on your skin. both price points naman there are good brands. ang hirap lang mag recommend kasi hindi ko alam ang target price range mo and how well your skin will react. remember kahit color cosmetics like eyeliner/eyeshadow minsan may negative reaction sa eyes. let me know lang ang prefered price point mo at baka may ma recommend ako.

    @ Tuks
    ayan at nag enumerate pa. as they say, we may as well enjoy it once in a blue moon. might as well eat what we love, kasi iisa din ang papupuntahan hahaha.

  4. Yung tipong makikita sa Walmart, sis. Hehe. Ayoko ko ring bumili ng super mahal kasi di naman talaga ako nagmi make-up. Baka abutin lang ng expiration eh sayang lang. A-attend kasi kami ng gala night soon. I think I need to wear a little make-up for that one kasi naka formal attire eh.
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  5. @ Tita B
    nag crave tuloy ako ulit ng fries with cheeze (ganyan spelling nila ha). nakaka-addict, promise! buti may kakampi ako. kaya lang lagot ka kay Huling hahaha.

  6. @ Lynn

    papupuntahin mo tuloy ako sa Walmart niyan sis. 24 miles away pa yun hahaha. what about this, if you remember, can you tell me what brands you have seen so far at Walmart. I might be able to suggest based on what’s available. very seldom kasi akong mapadpad dun. from my brand management experience sa P & G and personal experience as a makeup junkie, I feel confident that I can help you dahil sa dami na ng brands na na-test drive ko all these years. kailangan ko lang ng name ng available brands sa WM.

    gala night, that’s cool. kailan ba yan Sis?

    re: expiration, as long as they(color cosmetics in powder) are kept in a cool dry place, they can keep for at least 1 1/2 years. that’s how long I keep mine except liquid cosmetics ( 1 year) and mascara (I change every 3months), lipstick/gloss (1 year), any pencil cosmetic 1 year din.

  7. Lol. I had this feeling talaga na minsan ka lang go sa Walmart. 🙂 Di ko namemorize. Remember ko lang are Revlon and Maybelline. Will write it down pag napadpad uli kami dun. Glad to know I asked the right person. Parang di ko napansin kasi na you posted about your make-up here before.

    Gala night will be in June.

    Wala talaga akong idea sa expiration na yan. Thank you for the info, sis. You know what? Ang lipstick ko inaabot ng more than two years na walang palit palit. Niloloko nga ako lagi ng mga friends ko na aabot daw ng dekada lipstick ko. 🙂

  8. @ Lynn
    Between Revlon and Maybelline eye palettes, I can recommend Revlon. their eyeshadows are easier to blend. medyo mahirap i-blend pag- apply ang maybelline. you know naman siguro what colors to buy 🙂 . you know ba ang color wheel and cool and warm color combinations at ang babagay na color sa color ng outfit.

    mukhang tulog ka sis pag nag-post ako ng mga ka-vain-an ko hahaha. hindi lahat ng cosmetics or skin care buys ko end up being posted on my blogs pero I’ve always incorporated some of them here on this blog and the Lair blog. dito yata nasa vanity kit category check mo if you want. sa Lair di ko ma-recall kung anong category sa archives or nasa tags labeled vanity din yata.

    hala dali at kailangan itapon mo na yang tube ng lipstick na yan. sorry ha but that lipstick may be filled with tons of bacteria.

    you have time to get what you need, June pa naman pala ang gala. anong occasion Sis, with BA ba? don’t hesitate to ask me oks lang and as long as I know the subject. when you go to WM the next time list mo lang kung ano pang brand ang nandun so I can give you more input.

  9. With BA and my son, reunion ng alma mater ko at sa VA yun.

    I will buy me a new lipstick rin talaga and lip gloss too. Sabay ko ng bibilhin with the other beauty stuff. At di lang pala para sa eyes ang need ko, concealer and foundation rin. I’ve been watching how to put on make-up sa Youtube na nga. Ang daling tingnan pero ang hirap gawin.

    Will browse your posts here for sure. Malamang tulog nga ako ng pinost mo ang mga yun. Gusto ko na rin kasing bumili as early as possible para makapag practice ako.

    I have my dress na and it’s a combination of bluegreen and black. What color kaya sis ang dapat kung bilhin. I have no idea about the color wheel and all talaga. 🙂
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  10. @ Lynn
    ang key really is to get a brand that blends well. pag beginner ang gagamit it will be frustrating if you get a brand na mahirap i-blend. the problem with buying cosmetics from places like WM and drugstore is they can’t be opened prior to purchase. between the 2 brands that you mentioned, if you know of more brands that you’re considering, let me know lang sis so I can give you my opinion based on experience.

    complexion mo ba, Sis is it on the warm(yellow/golden undertone) or cool(pink undertone) side? that will have to have some bearing din sa color choice mo kasi . you can send me a pic of your dress so I have a peek of the actual blue green if you want so I have a better grip on which color to recommend.

  11. My complexion is on the warm side, sis. Is it okay with you if I will send you the photo of my dress through email? You may give me your email add using EC, if okay lang. 🙂

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