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When Adroitness Comes In Handy — 4 Comments

  1. Ugh! Running water din ang di ko ata kaya. Kahit paano you can still heat water…with matching tabo pa….hahaha…gel skawt!!! Sa awa naman ng Dyos di pa nangyayari sa amin yung ganyan ka extreme….but we’ve had outages that lasted for hours….not overnight though.

    So di rin kayo pwedeng mag check in sa hotels around the area dahil ala ding power? Wawa naman kayo….hopefully it will be restored tomorrow.

    Tuks´s last post… Spout Before &amp After

  2. Must have been so difficult Sis. I understand your predicament. I hope everything will be fixed soon. Please take it easy for the meantime. Pero ha, ang haba ng oras na walang running hot water, brrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. haha! You’re hubby must be very thankful to marry a resourceful Filipina! 😀

    Stay cool po! I hope there’s no more outage in your place by now! TC! 😀

  4. @ Tuks

    bumalik na ang hot water late afternoon but we did not feel the full effect immediately.midnight na naging ok. community lang namin ang affected yung 5 buildings lang and not the area. yung power plant is privately owned by the homeowners kaya kami lang ang nagdusa.

    @ Lainy

    it really was but we’re ok now. hindi pa restored ang heat but ok na rin kasi the temps here now is in the low 50’s. since nasanay na rin sa lamig, walang issue. but the absence of running hot water was not bearable because we’re just coming out of the winter season and the water is extremely cold.

    @ Ally

    sinabi mo pa. ang gulat lang niya 🙂 .

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