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A Weekend Of Pinoy Dishes — 12 Comments

  1. Wow, at may hoarding ng Pinoy food na nagaganap dito! ha ha.. ang sasarap naman nyan! Katuwa naman si F kasi he loves pinoy foods! Seldom sa foreigners ang ma-adopt ang pinoy taste. Sa layo nga naman ng place to buy those stuff eh, talagang hoard na kung hoard! ha ha..

    Enjoy your meals!
    Tita Beng´s last post… Buffet Dinner at Dad’s

  2. Haay, how I wish may Filipino Store rin here kaso wala. The nearest is about an hour or two drive. We are planning to visit the place soon and hopefully, meron rin silang ulam gaya nito. Miss ko na ang bistek at pinakbet. Ginutom tulog ako bigla. 🙂

  3. @ Recel
    oh yes,Sis. yung daing na bangus lalo love namin pareho. kasi even if they sell frozen marinated daing, hindi ko type and mag-fry. dati I would broil, pero sabi ng asawa mas masarap daw ang fried eh, tamad ako mag fry.

  4. @ Tita B
    hahaha hoarding nga, tama ka. but with two voracious mammals here, naubos in 3 days at ang natira lang ay 1 container ng pinakbet. well trained na yung “alaga” ko to eat pinoy dishes. siya palagi ang pasimuno to go kasi nga I haven’t been cooking for a couple of months na.

  5. @ lynn
    an hour or two to drive to get Pinoy food???? naku magluto ka na lang sis. if you BA happens to drive a V6 or V8 car I don’t think it’s practical to use up his gas at ang mahal ng petrol. suggestion lang naman hahaha. you can get the ingredients from Asian stores tapos lutuin mo na lang. I’m sure may mga condiments na pwedeng substitute to flavor the dishes.

  6. @ Lynn
    oh well, that is entirely different then.I thought kasi you were just planning on going just for the Phil. store. since may lalakarin din kayo then drop by ka na rin. hope you’ll get what you’ve been missing.

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