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  1. I thank you Sis for doing this one, despite the limited time, the sneezing and the blowing of nose in between. I hope you’d get a Doc’s appointment soon and I keep praying that you’ll feel better quick.

    It’s very nice to know some more personal stuffs about the person behind the blog. Thanks for sharing them.

    Love and Hugs from my home to yours!

  2. @ Lainy
    I had a great time writing it, believe it or not. biglang kinukurot ko ang sarili ko realizing how a “mini-monster” I must be haha. but as my hubs always says, saka lang ako nagiging monster pag may irritant. thanks for wishing me well.

    sending my love and hugs back to you 🙂 .

  3. You are very stylish, Juliana. I love visiting and reading your blog! Keep it up! And take care too. Better see doctor if you are still not well.
    Rose´s last post… Chap Goh Mei

  4. @ Rose

    oh my,thanks so much Rose. really appreciate it. yes, I already saw my doctor and although I don’t feel as well yet, I’m hoping that I’m getting there soon. thanks for the concern 🙂 .

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